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                Specializing in shelf design, manufacturing and sales installation
                • FY-Cs
                • STORAGE SHELF
                • STEEL AND TIMBER SHELVES
                • POTHOOK
                • CHECKSTAND
                • CABAS
                • CART

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                Above equipment and good service as a commitment to many customers to provide quality products

                ABOUT JIABAO

                Survival by quality, development by integrity

                FOSHAN JIABAO SHELF MANUFACTURING CO. LTD    Founded in 1988, our company is a large, powerful, advanced equipment, advanced technology, and perfect management enterprise, specializing in shelf design, production and sales and installation, and has a number of solid foundation of technical staff, sales staff and a number of strong management. The company carries out strict accountability system for all management personnel...

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                  Our products are sold all over the world
                  • Talk about the four main points of shelf design

                    The first consideration is the shelf-like nature of items.Shelves are for goods, and the size of goods determines the size of shelves. Second, we need to consider the weight of the goods, so..........

                  • Key points of shelf display

                    Shelf display is the most popular way of displaying goods. To achieve good display effect, different goods can be displayed in different places.1. On the section. At the top of the shelf, in..........